SV “Maiden” flotilla/visit to Hudson River Maritime Museum April/May 2020

Dear Mr. Silverman and all,
We have a wonderful opportunity upcoming at the Hudson River Maritime Museum and wanted to offer to your members the opportunity to participate and/or sponsor in this wonderful event.
Hoping that many of  you have seen the movie 'Maiden' about Tracy Edwards sailing the Whitbread Race. The newly refit Maiden is traveling the world in promotion of education as The Maiden Factor Foundation.
We have met with and have commitment from Tracy Edwards of SV 'Maiden'  that they will make the trip up the Hudson to the Maritime Museum when they are in New York.
It will be a two day event at the Maritime Museum in Kingston.
Dates are between April 20th and May 4th 2020.
We are still determining exact dates of up river and down river trips within that range.
We are hoping that some of your members would be interested in helping us secure or promote a flotilla up and/or down the river for the  journey.
Also, events at the museum in Kingston will include: welcome festival,  school visits, deck tours, movie screening with Q&A, departure event.
If anyone has interest in being involved, sponsoring or helping in some way please have them contact me directly.
We would be happy to attend one of your upcoming meetings if you like to present information and opportunities and gather suggestions from your members.
Let me know.
Dale Wolfield   845 206 7643
USCG 100t Near Coastal
Hudson River Maritime Museum
Sailing School at HRMM
Wooden Boat School at HRMM

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