HRBYCA Hudson River Happenings #2


Welcome to this the second edition of our monthly communication from the HRBYCA

1-Presidents Message:

On behalf of the B.O.D. we want to wish you all a Happy New Year. 2021 will be the year we all return to enjoying the river despite any hurdles thrown in the way.  Many clubs reported their joy in gaining new members during the pandemic and I hope this trend continues.The B.O.D. will be focusing on helping clubs gain new boaters this year and we welcome any ideas you want to share. Those clubs who have a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan filed with the NYSDEC must remember to send in their Annual Certification Report by Jan. 28th or risk being fined. All water sample testing results for the 2nd half of 2020 must be sent in before Feb. 28th. Clubs not filing a SWPPP with the DEC risk hefty fines. If your club is not covered please contact me for help in preparing your SWPPP.

Best regards,
Jerry Silverman/ President HRBYCA

2-UPDATES FROM THE HRBYCA Board of Directors Meeting Dec 29 2020

          Bob Boothe Secretary:

The Board discussed at length various ideas and suggestions which might lead to increasing the number of “new boaters” to the Hudson and help grow club membership rosters.

Topics discussed included 1- community sailing clubs which involve partnerships between local governments and boat clubs 2-Youth and adult sailing instruction programs 3 Clubs hosting mandated and/or elective/optional boating courses 4 clubs hosting “non-boat” related courses (CPR and First Aid courses, etc.), 5 hosting groups which provide low cost/free sailing experiences on the Hudson, 6 creating a membership category for kayaks/personal watercraft. The HRBYCA hopes to conduct an in depth survey of the clubs later this year.

Because of the uncertainties created by the Covid epidemic the Board decided to put “on hold” and plans/actions about a Commodore’s Brunch for spring 2021.

The Board also decided that the printed “Annual HRBYCA Journal” (which was usually distributed at the Commodore’s Brunch) would instead be created as an “online” version. Besides saving labor and printing costs this will allow expanded content of each club’s profile (the profile questionnaire will be requested from each in the near future)

“Boating on the Hudson” is accepting club histories for its Feb 2021 issue. Contact John Vargo, the publisher at for more information.

Vice President-Gov Affairs and other river related topics-Scott Croft

Here’s an update on some issues that may affect Hudson River boaters in the New Year. Full disclosure: most of these topics are also related to my day job at BoatUS, where much of this info comes from:

Open the complete newsletter for these topics

NY State Sen. Maloney Bill on Hudson River Anchorages

The Sport Fish Restoration Program

Water Resources Development Act

GPS Integrity

Renewable Fuel Standard – Miss fueling Mitigation

3-Environment/Natural History Happenings

Highlight of the Week - Humpback Whale siting - with pictures!

4-Upcoming Significant Happenings on the Hudson River


FROM:  Croton Yacht Club 12-13-2020

I am hoping you can help out with our College Scholarship fundraising effort by circulating the attached list of fishing tackle available for auction in the new HRBYC “Hudson River Happenings”. These items were donated from the estate of a friend of the Croton Yacht Club, Ed Mertz. Ed was a local naturalist and photographer who was a frequent attendee of many of our events and supporter of our Scholarship program. The mission of the scholarship is to cultivate future local environmental leaders, to develop future advocates and stewards of local marine resources and to enhance, promote and protect local river- related recreational resources. The scholarship is awarded to deserving Croton High School graduates who are pursuing undergraduate studies in the fields of marine, maritime, environmental engineering or environmental science.

Because of the pandemic, we are not planning to hold our annual dinner and auction fundraiser until assembly restrictions are normalized. As a result, we are offering a virtual auction option to anyone who may be interested in bidding on any of these items.

Below is a spreadsheet of most of the higher end items from the Ed Mertz estate which may be of interest to HRBYC members. Many of these items are in new or very good condition.

Individuals can submit an offer on any item to me via email to or I can be reached by phone at 914-907-3622. I can send photos or arrange to meet individuals who are interested in any item. There are also pages of terminal tackle and lower end items which are also available upon request. All reasonable offers will be considered.


Dennis Kooney



Our initial issue was sent out Dec 13 as a “word” document attachment (to allow newsletter editors to “edit, condense, then cut and paste” information in  club newsletter, etc.

Now we are able to give you  the direct links which have just  been setup to bring your members  directly to the location of information  from HRH-IIE. (We think this is a good option to have to look use with hand held devices.)


Links for “Happenings”-the complete Newsletter

The HRBYCA News page on the web site - with intro and summary

Boats for sale – No new listings for this issue.

(The Ranger 24 listed in the last issue has been sold. The seller reports that the buyer is a member of one of our clubs and found his ad in the last issue of “Happenings”)

Events - the information from HRBYCA clubs submitted  for distribution

Croton fundraiser


All are in the “PDF “ format.  Our thanks to Keira Burch Secretary at Minisceongo Yacht Club and our webmaster.

Bob Boothe, Secretary HRBYCA

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